Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who is Naptural Beauty 313?

Naptural Beauty 313 is alot of things!

... a woman, a mother, a wife , a student, a sister, a friend, and a long list of other things. But who I am NOT is an expert. I don't pretend to be the know-all-be-all, so my one-time disclaimer is this, "I am speaking on what I know from personal experience, what I've read or what I've been told. Take it for what it is! "

So what is "Love Your Naptural Beauty" about?

This blog will primarily focus on hair but from time to time may touch on other topics. I am a self-proclaimed (Nappy+Natural=)Naptural Beauty who believes that there is nothing wrong with wigs and weaves but that sistas need to embrace that they are just as beautiful without them. I will primairly focus on healthy hair tips, product recommendations and excerpts from my own hair journey.

Hope you enjoy!

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